By: Cindi Valenti

As a mother of two special needs children, I sometimes find it hard to understand “typical” mothers and their wants and needs. I want my kids to be happy, socialize like “typical” kids do, succeed in the future and be taken care of. I encourage any activity they want to try or do.


My son who is an amazing musician in my eyes will be famous one day. He is very smart and when he wants to know about something he learns EVERYTHING about that subject. (Just ask him about the Titanic!) He does not like sports. We have tried baseball, soccer and lacrosse but they are not his thing. We live in a community that is extremely sports oriented so he is an outcast. My daughter always has a smile on her face and is out spoken and witty. She is years beyond her age but socially immature and awkward.


The “typical” moms worry about the next little league game and want their child to fit in and have lots of friends. I hope for one good friend for my children. As these moms hope for the best for their children so do us “special needs” moms. May not be as a great magnitude as they do but we still hope and do everything is our power to ensure they will succeed. It does not come easy, we grieve our children as we look at the “typical” moms and their children but you know what I would not change a thing about my children or their special moments, their special loving and their special lives. This is why they are called “special children”.


nick glasses Natalie

(Mom to Nicholas and Natalie, 8 year old twins)

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