Since the inception of The Foundation in 1992, The Theresa Foundation has been providing support for programs in the arts and recreation for children and young adults with special needs.

As a grass-roots organization, we first reached out to programs on Long Island, and as the word spread, we became supporters of arts and recreation programs throughout the United States as well as Haiti, Africa and India.

There are so many worthwhile programs that depend on support from grant funding as the arts (and recreation) and these programs are not considered by many people and/or organizations as a valued part of the education and enrichment of a person with disabilities.

As a family, we saw the direct benefits to our own Theresa as she participated in swimming, art and music programs, while at home, and as a student at the Children’s Learning Center at CP-Nassau.

As both a public and private school dance education specialist, I became acutely aware of the lack of arts education for this special population in our area. More specifically, the lack of opportunities for this special population to participate in after school arts clubs, in which their typically developing peers can participate.

In 2008, the Board of Directors approved the development of The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA), which became a central location for dance, art, music, drama, art and yoga classes for children with special needs on Nassau County, New York.

For the following nine years, TAPA provided weekday classes, Saturday respite and summer camp for children in both Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.

TAPA was a much-needed program, however, after evaluation, the Board of Directors of the Theresa Foundation realized that the funding could be better spent providing a TAPA@ experience for schools and programs, throughout the United States, and thus reach more students!

TAPA@ is an arts focused initiative, through funding from the Theresa Foundation. TAPA@ programs are arts-centric and the Foundation provides the funding for these programs, suggestions and assistance with finding appropriate teaching artists, as well as banners, signage, tee-shirts and other accoutrements for the duration of the program.

Applications for the TAPA@ grants are found on the Theresa Foundation and Theresa Academy websites, under the “grants” tab.

If assistance is required ln completing the application, or you have any questions, please call the office at: 516-432-0200