by: Miss Lindsay


Keyla hugs
I’m not sure about anyone else but when I get home from TAPA camp I need to crash.  I need to put on comfy PJ’s and sit in my little air conditioned apartment for a good hour before I can even think about moving again.  Our incredible TAPA students are incredibly exhausting!  All the yoga, dance, music, games, obstacle courses, songs, cooking, fun in the sun, and laughter makes me exhausted just thinking about and I don’t even do all the hardest work!!!

One of my favorite things about TAPA is often the thing that goes unnoticed- our volunteers!  Without them we would truly be unable to provide half of the services that we do.  Volunteers work 1-on-1 with campers to help lead them from activity to activity, help them in classes, and assist them with anything they can’t do themselves.


Ruby smiles

Our volunteers are some of the most patient, kind, considerate, and fun people I have ever worked with!  Most of our volunteers are high school and college students who generously share their free summer time and talents with us without asking for anything in return.  Our volunteers are paid in the hugs and smiles the campers share.  They don’t receive any money, they undoubtedly work hard and they yet they are still so happy!

I love when our campers get excited to see their volunteer in the morning and it’s amazing to watch our volunteers grow more comfortable with themselves as leaders in the special needs community through their work here.  It truly takes a village to run TAPA and we are blessed with a whole lot of angels disguised as volunteers.  Thank you! Thank you!

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