I am Lisa Glickman, music teacher at TAPA. We sing, dance, play instruments and enjoy “all things music”!  Working at TAPA is an honor. All you need to do is meet Susan Russo and you’re hooked!  Her tireless work, dedication and talent for directing TAPA is obvious.  I am always amazed at the constant activities, workshops and fundraisers going on,  new equipment and activities introduced,  and all the wonderful teachers and volunteers who are anxious to be there.

10455344_778922878825807_8262374610701200304_nBut the students are really the most magical! Each one has their own talent and personality and I am constantly amazed at the creativity and successes I see. Some love to sing, some love to beat the drum and play instruments, and most love to dance and listen to the “popular” songs of the moment. Through the music that is being made, I see friends helping each other, students communicating,  and children having fun and working together.

What I have noticed is that all of the students smile when they walk through the front doors – they want to be there. Each student is treated with respect and love and has a great opportunity to participate in the Arts. It truly is a wonderful experience for all of us!


Lisa has been teaching at TAPA for three years and teaches group music classes, Saturday Respite, Summer Camp Music, Sunday Workshops, and Private Piano classes.  


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