The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies of all time. How significant is the fact that the “home” that Dorothy is longing to return to, is inside her heart the entire time!

Many of our TAPA students have been longing for their home as well over the past three months. Imagine the overwhelming sense of loss and confusion that our fragile students have been experiencing due to being displaced by hurricane Sandy in October.

There really are no adequate words to describe what the people of the communities affected by Sandy have been going through over the past four months. Much more so for a child with special needs who has moved from their safe, comfortable environment into a scary, unfamiliar hotel, or even into the home of familiar and loved relatives.

Our students need consistency in their daily routine, familiarity of environment in both people and places. All that was removed by the high wind, torrential rain and flooding of October 30, 2012.

My colleagues in the public school districts tell me that many of their students are still displaced and it is a daily struggle to continue to provide the proper educational services, and even transportation for the students to and from their home districts. Many students, living with relatives in other districts, may not even be able to return to the South Shore because their homes are simply un-livable.

Our own TAPA building was destroyed. We have worked tirelessly to re-build and re-open our programs for those young children with special needs that we serve. We have a full schedule of classes, respite, Sunday workshops and special events up and running. Preparations for TAPA summer camp have begun and registration is ongoing.

We have camp scholarships and financial assistance available for those in need, and encourage you to call the office at 516-432-0200 to inquire. Camp scholarships go quickly, so call as soon as possible.
TAPA is a wonderful, safe, local ,HOME for artistic expression……and as we all know: “There’s no place like HOME…”

All the best,
Miss Susan and Miss Lindsay
Faculty and Staff of TAPA

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