By: Susan Russo 

Linda LaughDance, Drama, Music and Visual Art- are elastic. They are hugely adaptable to a wide range of learning styles and levels.

The arts can reveal unknown capacities and abilities.

The arts provide a real-life context for socialization and communication skills to develop spontaneously and naturally.

The arts can increase focus, engagement and discovery.

The arts can develop self –confidence, self-worth and a sense of community.

The arts can provide access to others.

The arts can provide a chance to succeed.

“The arts take away the dis in disabled.”

(Quality review report of a NYC District 75 school)

Why is the Theresa Academy of Performing Arts important?

Because it takes a village.

The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts provides a safe, non-judgmental space for children of all ages and abilities to work together in discovering their artistic potential, and more importantly, to have fun!

We provide a welcome and comfortable space for parents to network, share their perspectives, brainstorm, vent, laugh and know that their children are loved and well cared for while attending TAPA classes.

Our purpose is to bring together well educated and knowledgeable arts specialists, children with special needs and their families for wonderful, inspirational experiences in the arts —under one roof!

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