Long Island Teaching Artist Workshop

ON FRIDAY, December 6th the Theresa Academy of Performing Arts hosted a workshop for teaching artists that live and work in both Nassau and Suffolk counties to explore adapting activities for a variety of students with disabilities.   A movement activity was led by Dafna Soltes Stein and a theater activity was led by I.D.E.A.S. Director and Founder, Lisa… Read More »

Theresa Fun Day 2014

Saturday, January 18th was the annual Theresa Fun Day at Farmingdale Lanes. Over 149 friends and family came out to support The Theresa Foundation. Beautiful Farmingdale Lanes has 48 lanes and The Theresa Foundation proudly packed half of the bowling alley to capacity. The youngest bowlers were 18-months-old, proudly using their dinosaur ramps and bumpers, and students and volunteers from The… Read More »

To Infinity… and Beyond!

By Debi Holmes-Mucci   On September 13, 2013 TAPA lost a very special student, Morgan Brodwin. Morgan was a unique child who would run into the TAPA building smiling and ready to greet anyone in the lobby. Morgan was curious and smart, asking “What’s your name?” and always replying, “It’s nice to meet you.” She… Read More »

I’m a TAPA Vollie

by: Matthew G. It’s fun to be a TAPA volunteer! You get to go around with a buddy to classes such as art, music, and dance. It’s a great experience for both the students and the volunteer. As you go, you learn to help the kids who don’t learn as fast as you. I do… Read More »

Friends of TAPA

by: Miss Lindsay If we were to list all of the people who helped TAPA get back on our feet after Hurricane Sandy our blog would be an endless list of names of TAPA supporters from Long Beach and beyond!  We had packages, cards, and donations from Florida, California, and even Africa when we sounded… Read More »

Dancers with Heart

By: Lindsay Rogan After Hurricane Sandy everyone at TAPA (in Long Beach!) was reeling from the unexpected losses.  I knew that the building was flooded and that we had sustained a significant loss but nothing really hit me until I was in the building clearing things out. The most simple things would stop me in… Read More »

Simple Daily Affirmations

By: Miss Susan While visiting my son, Dante, a few years ago, I noticed small post-its in every room of his apartment. Stepping closer to read them I found that they were all positive, upbeat little sentences: You are wonderful You are focused You are a strong person……..and the like. I asked Dante about the… Read More »

TAPA’s Little Helpers

By Miss Amy: TAPA is not just for special needs.  My son, Matthew, has been coming to work since before age 2.  In addition to meeting so many wonderful students, he has taken dance, music, drumming and been my conscientious assistant. His experience has fostered a compassionate and understanding aspect of his personality that I… Read More »