Some thoughts from our TAPA Intern, Max!


I originally heard of TAPA through my mother’s close friend Lisa Brodwin, whose daughter, Morgan Brodwin, used to be a student at TAPA.  She suggested that volunteering at TAPA would be a good Bar-Mitzvah Project for me to complete.  About two weeks after I started, I quickly realized that volunteering at TAPA is so much more than a mandatory community service project.  Volunteering and interning at TAPA for the past four years has been the most rewarding experience of my life.


Through this amazing program I have learned so much about those around me and myself.  It has shown me to look past physical appearance and to never assume a person’s full potential.  The children of TAPA are the highlight of my weekend and their unwavering kindness and gratefulness constantly reminds me of what I do at TAPA and what TAPA does for me is so important.  TAPA shows all people involved in the program to love.  To love no matter how difficult it might be and no matter what is happening.  It is this sense of full inclusiveness and genuine joy that compels me to return to TAPA year after year.

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