IMG_1326IMG_1316This year’s camp theme echoes the sentiments of the 22nd annual Theresa Awards Dinner “With a Song In My Heart” we celebrated an enchanted summer.  Our songs of the day focused on hearts and love and led to memorable times!  Love Shack, Song of the Heart, and Groove is in the Heart we just some of the classics that we used to develop our class curriculum. They inspired us to take trips around the world in search of love, and guided us as we learned more about our friends and what they love the most. 




We had so amazing music teachers on staff this summer!   Miss Lisa taught general music where we sang and played percussion instruments.  Students sang about TAPA and what they loved, learned patriotic tunes, and brought literature to life by adding music to books!



IMG_1365Miss Leigh taught singing where students learned to sing as a chorus and rehearsed matching pitches, singing back melodies, and warming up with scales.  Campers played the guitar and ukulele, learned to sing in small groups and as individuals, and strengthened their voices as singers. 





In addition to our guest artists, Sidiki Conde, who has joined us for the past seven years to teach African Dance and African Drumming,  music filled our days and our hearts each and every camp day.




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